Robotic Process Automation Robotic Process Automation


Legacy systems are no more a pain area! With our RPA platform’s strong integration capabilities, you can unlock the value of your past technology investments. Do away with your manual, mundane and repetitive processes once and for all. Moreover, advance on your digital transformation journey with centralised management connecting varied automations, multi-tenant solutions & orchestrations.

Functionalities & Features of RPA

  • Rapidly Automate complex and complicated tasks
  • Create automation tasks like recording keyboard clicks and mouse strokes
  • Distribute tasks to multiple computers
  • Scriptless Automation
  • Auto-login runs scheduled tasks on anytime, even when the computer is lock
  • Real-time & smarter digital workers for unparalleled task automation
  • Intuitive Automated Workflows

RPA Basics

Combine the Power of AI & RPA

Our Intelligent Process Automation Platform comes with key components of AI:

  • Text Analytics
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Real-time decisioning & data capture
  • Intuitive RPA Central command center, on-premise or on cloud

Business Benefits of RPA

RPA Digram

RPA’s application can be for various industries like Telecom, Finance, Education and it can be implemented across various functions like Marketing, HR, etc.

RPA Use Cases in Marketing

Digital Lead Extraction :

Data needs to extracted from multiple systems like CRM, ERP or any other legacy applications and then ingested back into a core system for sales engagement. For real-time analysis & planing end to end campaign automation using RPA assists in improving accuracy.

Digital Ad placement :

Leverage RPA to streamline and optimized digital Ad placement by upto 80%.

Data Consistency :

Monitor and maintain data consistency between multiple systems

Competitive Edge :

Perform continuous competitive research

RPA's Technical Architecture

RPA Tech Architecture

Combining RPA + Predictive Analytics + Marketing Automation:

Imagine having a AI-based RPA + Advanced Predictive Analytics platform that takes automation to the next-level. Combining intelligent information gathered from Bots with Predictive analytics gives you the power to predict almost everything, everywhere. Every interaction with customer, everything a customer says about you, every financial transaction and a prediction of what you can sell him next, when and on which channel to reach him and at what time!

Imagine a platform that lets you process all this information instantly and gives you the power to respond in real-time to:

  • Deepen CLTV
  • Drive Business Innovation
  • Build new revenue streams

Wouldn’t it be like having a superpower?

The good news is, data is something that you already have. We’ll quickly do a health check on the current state, build a solid data foundation that will help you to harness the power of predictive models to further optimise business performance and monetize data opportunities.


We experimented with one process that used to take about 21minutes to complete, but post RPA implementation, it now takes 8 seconds! You can imagine the savings on time, effort and cost.

- Sachin Londhe, Founder, Datamato

Comsense implemented a fully customised RPA solution for us in a record time. I really value the engagement we have had with their experts. They helped us to not only bridge the gap but also to make us understand with a quick Proof of Concept how RPA can benefit our organization.

- Ashwin Walvekar, Founder, Klarr Glas

Case Study 1

Loan processing & bank statement automation

Business Objective:
  1. High FTE Count in loan processing
  2. Manual data entry was time consuming and prone to errors
  3. Non-compliance to SLA due to seasonal workloads
  4. Sub-optimal manpower utilization
  5. Reduced coverage of centralized team to cater to increasing demand from business units
  6. Mundane data entry processing activities result in dissatisfaction among employees
  7. Audit of activities was time consuming
Approach & Solution:
  • Understanding of typical loan application process
  • Understanding bank statement processing
  • Detailed process study done to document As-Is and To-Be processes
  • Developed automation processes
  • Reviewed bank statement Processing (post automation)
  • Optimal FTE utilization
  • Reduced processing time and error percentage
  • Straight Through Processing (STP) resulting in reduced SLA
  • Expansion of centralized processing team to cater to increasing demand from Business Units
  • Better utilization of resources
  • Audit end to end

Case Study 2

Back Office Transformation

Business Objective:
  1. Automate Finance back office processes for more efficiency and reduce costs
  2. Automate 14 different processes such as order booking, order management, vendor master creation, DO & PGI, invoice processing, payment processing, PO process Automation and much more
Approach & Solution:
  • Detailed process study done to document As-Is and To-Be processes
  • Since end to end automation was the goal, a custom workflow tool was build for BOT to throw exceptions in processing and a user can decide to fix the exception and push back to BOT for processing
  • All user to BOT and BOT to user communication was done using the workflow tool
  • Various BOTs were built to cater to different processes and based on logical stop points on the process, more than 1 BOT is used to complete processing the record
  • BOT communicates/works on various systems such as Sales Force, SAP, internal quoting and order booking system, external B2B eystems, etc
  • Reduced processing time and errors by 50%
  • Standardization of processes across regions
  • Implementation for standardizing processes across 13 APAC countries
  • Optima utilization of resources

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