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Feel Like You Were Asking For The Moon?

As business leaders and marketers, your search has been for a true and sharp ‘picture’ of the customer mindset, her preferences, decision making behavior and interests.

Getting such a picture, meant data scientists would need process, not only historical customer data from operations, customer facing applications, but also from trail click streams and social media big data.

To deliver such insights, data scientists or technologists would have to become prodigies at math, statistics, information technology, business process and marketing.

It would seem that business leaders and marketers had been asking for the moon.


Capability To Move Mountains

COMSENSE’S AI based Strategic Customer Engagement Solution is a path breaking solution that brings together the power of data science, technology and business, to deliver powerful customer insight and predictions.

Built on a closed loop, integrated data-decision-campaign framework and a revolutionary ‘deep machine learning’ cognitive marketing technology.



Customers' Attitudes, Motivators, Preferences, Mindsets, Sensitivities And Journey



Identify And Target Right Audience With Highest Lifetime Value Potential; Personalize Offers And Campaigns



Drive Targeted Customer Centric Strategies. Acquire New Customers And New Revenue Streams. Build Brand Loyalty.

The Cognitive Data-to-Decision-to-Campaign Framework

Built on a closed loop, integrated data-decision-campaign framework and a revolutionary ‘deep machine learning’ cognitive marketing technology, the framework has the potential to transform business, its customer data ecosystems, customer data strategy and customer centric marketing strategy

Between business leaders, marketers and data scientists, it generates, a common agenda and objective, a shared understanding of the goals and direction and a combining of efforts and contributions.

It boots not only the businesses capability for insight into customer journey, but also to take decisions, take actions making based on ‘truth’.

Essentially a strategic solution, it however, allows businesses to start small and ease slowly into a transformative business journey. Campaign Automation is good place for businesses to start, to help you understand the process, mine and cleanse your data, understand your existing customer data and customers better, whilst acquiring new data that is actionable.


Capabilities : Do What You Could Never Do


MINING mountains of attitudinal, interactional and behavioral data generated by customer across multiple streams, channels, operational and transactional applications and touch points and campaigns. Giving it usable shape and creating a single, usable view of it.


ANALYZING using sophisticated statistical modelling and analytical algorithms to deliver different predictive analytics such as customer churn, customer life time value, product affinity, brand engagement, price sensitivity and up/cross sell potential. Presenting these insights as attractive dashboard visualizations for swift decision making.


RECOMMENDING what products and prices would interest the customer, generating suggestions about personalizing offers, making campaigns that connect with them and deliver experiences that build loyalty.


AUTOMATING and executing customer appropriate campaigns, delivering personalized offers and customer experiences and interactions, through customer facing applications and data points chat, call center communications, social media, mobile apps, web content, and Short Message Service (SMS).


LEARNING from the past and becoming better and better at recommendations, predictions and advisory, through machine learning feedback loop.

Comsense's AI Driven Strategic Customer Engagement Solution is platform agnostic. It can be deployed on sought after analytic platforms that include:


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